The "Lyons Memorial Labyrinth " Letterbox #1 was planted today at 11:11 a.m. Before/after finding the box, you can visit the Labyrinth, which is located on the south of the two creeks (two creeks meet at a confluence in the middle of town). As the crow flies, the Labyrinth is south and a bit west, about 8 blocks from the Barking Dog. In case of bad weather, you may have to sit in your car to inspect the box or it can be taken downtown to one of our restaurants or coffee shops.

The Lyons Memorial Labyrinth #1:

Letterbox planted September 11, 2015.

1. Go to the World Wide Labyrinth Locator on the web.

2. Between the granite support and the sandstone marker, on the right-hand side when you face the marker.

3. There is a present in the box for the first finder.

4. There is a hitch hiker in the box that must be moved by the first finder so that the Planter can keep adding hitch hikers to this box. Please, do not remove the small, plastic box that will be used to house future Hitchhikers.

To find the Labyrinth, go past the stone marker, and turn right. The Labyrinth is tucked among the trees on the left side of the trail on the the bank of St. Vrain Creek. Visitors to the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth will be pleased to find that the 3-path labyrinth has expanded to 7-paths over the summer of 2015.

All are invited to visit the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth during the during 2nd Anniversary week of September 6-13, 2015 (Great Front Range Flood, Sept. 11-12, 2013).

The Lyons Memorial Labyrinth #2:

The LML #2 Letterbox was planted today, October 11, 2015 (visit letterboxing links on this website). There is a Hitchiker in the box; and a present in the box for the first person to find the letterbox.

1. Go to the World Wide Labyrinth Locator: Find the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth.
2. Find the sign "Labyrinth"; if you see the sign "Refuge" you've gone too far.
3. Go just behind the tree with the "Labyrinth" sign; turn toward the mountains with your back to the river.
4. Look down.
5. Move a branch and a stone or two but do not move or take anything apart that is made of wood and metal; once you expose the small sandstone crypt, you will see the letterbox.

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