Saturday, January 19, 2019

Innocence or Ignorance: Austin Kleon Nails the Folly of Hero Worship

Background: Here is a link to a blog post about the folly associated with putting others up on a pedestal:

Art-4-Art Swap: January 19, 2019
Lyons Regional Library
Artist: Damaris O'Trand, a.k.a., The Gutter Artist
Medium: Carmel Blue Noodler's Ink, Gold watercolors, markers.

Quote: I found this month's ATC quote from a trending story on the internet: "De todo lo malo, siempre sale algo bueno" which loosely translated means, "From everything bad, always something good will come of it." The quote was attributed to a high level politician when he responded to a confederate's insult. After finishing my cards, I did more research and discovered there was even more dirt to be found. Rather than scrapping my cards, my choice is to use the quote but not attribute it to the man or the sordid story. Follow up on this at your peril, my fellow humans. The bliss of Innocence or Ignorance. Your choice.