Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poems While You Wait

Just What Do You Think You Are, Really?

While walking with an art buddy on our way to the Monday Boulder Arts group, I saw a man sitting on the Boulder Mall--he was sitting in front of a 1917 Corona typewriter with a sign that said, "Poems While You Wait."

I asked him how much a poem cost, and he said it was by "donation." He asked me for a topic, and I gave him the question R thinks is important to answer during one's life on planet earth: "What are you?"

So while R and I waited, he typed out this poem:


               ashes from great big stars
                OD'd on light
caught in skies of gravity
     deep enough to draw water
and something
                something very near like a first kiss electric
                 things begin to wiggle and draw in
     like a magnetic
                  all the brilliant designs
     that make a home
                  our home
like fresh love
                   enough to make it work
     you are a miracle of light and ash
             putting forth all the effort necessary
                     to see your love again.

Then Bill Keys read us his poem and I handed him my donation (actually, I had to borrow money from R. to pay for it). I don't know how much a spontaneous poem costs; I hope it was enough; I know I got my money's worth.

I read his poem to our arts group and two of our members asked to hear the last line twice.

Anyway, I am linking to Bill Keys blog at www.poemswhileyouwait.blogspot.com

A great idea and a fun blog; check it out.