Saturday, November 16, 2019

Art-4-Art Swap Group, Lyons Community Library, TO-ART Cards

ATC Swap Group: Art-4-Art, Lyons Community Library

Title: "TO-ART Cards"
Artist: Damaris O'Trand
Media: Tomboy Brush Pen; Plumix Fountain Pen
Original Art: 8.5 x 11.5
Scanned to ATC Size: 2.5 x 3.5
Edition of 9 Cards

All Hail, Lynda Barry, recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award, and her new book, Making Comics, Drawn and Quarterly, Publisher.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Art-4-Art, Lyons Community Library, ATC: "True Wisdom"

The Front
Art-4-Art: Artist Trading Card: October 19, 2019
Title: "True Wisdom"
Series: 10 originals
Artist: Damaris O'Trand
Media: Daniel Smith Gold Gesso, Liquitex Soft Body: black acrylic paint; Kraft wrapping paper and Kraft-tex paper fabric sheet, gray

Process: Painted 10 cards, blue on one side; gold on the other onto Kraft-tex paper fabric; Copied quote onto background of gold gesso; cut out quote strips; wrapped quote around front and back of card; inserted title card; hand painted words, "true" and "wisdom" on front and back of each card; glued scrap kraft paper from previous art project torn into strips to make it look like the earth seen from outer space.

The Quote

The Back
Sources of Inspiration:
Movie: "Paterson," directed by Jim Jarmusch, staring Adam Driver
Netflix Series: "Dead Like Me," 2 seasons from Showtime
Stillness is the Key, by Ryan Holiday
How to Draw and Write in Fountain Pen: A Modern Guide, by Ayano Usamura


"The New Yorker," John Seabrook's article, "The Next Word: Where will predictive text take us?", p. 56, October 14, 2019

"Uppercase Magazine: for the Creative and Curious," #43, October, November, December, 2019

Front with insert
Seeking Solace: Resilience in the midst of adversity

Dealing with the latest kerfuffles; the art of silence; taking responsibility; tempest in a teapot; much ado about nothing; misunderstandings; wanting to be right; reeling from an unexpected hit; caught unawares; a surprise attack; blind-sided; sucker-punched; bush whacked; waylayed; accosted; ambuscaded; with all due respect, agreeing to disagree; no need to make it worse; no need to seek agreement; no need to gossip; ignore; confront; speak up when so called; channel the energy; do more art; consider the source; avoid escalation; deal with it in person

Back with Insert
Underlying Issue: Fallout from the Great Front Range Flood of 2013


Title Card

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

DR.BOP, Lyons, Colorado, Stepping Stone River Crossings at The Labyrinth

Artist Trading Card Swap
Third Saturday of the Month
12:30 - 2 p.m.
September 21, 2019
Lyons Community Library
Title: "Beware of Dragons"
Artist: Damaris O'Trand
Medium: Crayons, Markers, Oil Pastels
Edition of #18 ATC's
With front and back cover and text adapted from "Land Use and Management Plan for Deed Restricted Buy-Out Properties (DRBOP)" and maps of Labyrinth Location and Proposed Trail and Stepping Stone River Crossings.

The title of this ATC comes from the tradition of early map makers who often noted uncharted territories by marking them with fantastic beasts and the words, "Beyond this point, there be dragons."

Stepping Stone River Crossing at the Labyrinth (DR.BOP)

"One remarkable undertaking that has emerged since the flood is an impromptu artistic expression node, called 'The Labyrinth.' The organic, local effort showcases found items that have been re-imagined and displayed in a winding network of small pathways. The Labyrinth has become a minor attraction, with visitors from around the state and elsewhere. Future land use and development concepts should build on the Labyrinth's existing use. The Town should seek to preserve the grassroots artistic expression on site and evolve the aesthetic in the future. The Town should pursue development of a multi-modal trail along Highway 7 to replace the trail destroyed during the flood and discourage use of the Martin Parcel and CR-69 to access near-by regional trails. Additional access from the Labyrinth to the Martin Property via the stepping stone river crossing is expected to be limited."

According to the DR.BOP Plan, Stepping stone river crossings "will connect the Labyrinth to the Martin Property. These spots will also serve as an inner tube take-out and put-in during high season. The thrill of hopping stones along with added convenience will make this a well-used and well-appreciated site element."

Dragon in Progress, Photo by Cathy Rivers

"Beware of Dragons" (ATC front)

Signature (ATC back)

Cover (inside)

Cover (outside)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Day of Silence, Lyons Memorial Labyrinth

On Friday, September 13, 2019, from Dusk to Dawn, we are dedicating and consecrating the 5th Anniversary of the construction of the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth with a day of silence. For the daring, there will be a full-moon walk at Dusk (moon rise: 7:26 p.m.; full moon: 10:35 p.m.).