Wednesday, August 21, 2013

There Could Be Nothing--Rather than Something

Here are the ATC's for August:

The first two are the original water color tissue paper prints. As I played with the cards, I began to see images, which I outlined with stardust jell pens.

Reality Happens: Know, Will, Dare and Be Silent

Here are the July ATC's: "What I Learned after Death Cafe"

"Life and Death is a Mystery and self-consciousness gives the gift of listening when the mind is still."
"Every body dies; no one knows where or when; it can be both a sorrow and a consolation."
"Just go with the flow; it is liberating to say, 'I don't know.'"
"Everybody makes misteaks; not everyone accepts responsibility for them--that takes real courage and a dash of humility."
"Be vulnerable; some folks are worthy of trust."
"Discretion is the better part of valor (the Gambler's trick is to know when to hold 'em..., fold 'em..., walk away...., or run").
"Be authentic (to Thine own Self be true)."
"Give self and others the benefit of the doubt (remember, ignorance knows no limits."
"Oops; no blame; no shame; no regrets (fish, cut bait, or go ashore)."
"Jump down from the pedestal, or at least put on an oxygen mask first before helping others with theirs (clay feet show up at eye level)."
"Have faith in the journey; leap and the net will appear."

"Based on knowledge of Ultimate Reality: Ignore that which is not real; pay attention to that which is; remain silent unless called to speak; above all else, dare to be kind."