Saturday, December 15, 2018

Truth or Dare

Insert #1: Pre-Mid-Term Jitters
Artist Trading Card for December 15, 2018: Truth or Dare by Damaris O'Trand

A self-closing cover with 3 double-sided inserts. The cover was modified to fit the size of an ATC Card: 2.5" by 3.5". The cover is based on Chapter 36: Self Closing Wrapper in the book, "The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures" by Heidi Kyle and Ulla Warchol.

For the covers, I used pattern pieces cut out from the fashion magazine, "W" date unknown.

Back of Insert #1

Insert #2: Jack Hamm Quote (front)

Insert #2 Tom Wolfe quote (back)

Insert #3 front (p. 184, "The Art of the Fold"
Insert #3 back: Instructions for ATC Cover

Folded (front)

Folded (back)

Pattern #1

Pattern #2
Unfolded (inside)

Unfolded (outside)