Saturday, October 12, 2013

River of Stones

My ATC's for September 2013, cancelled due to unprecedented flooding in Lyons, Colorado, on September 11, 2013. The background was painted by Sandra (Sheronah) Leamele who gave the painting (before she moved away from Lyons ) to Loretta Milburn who gave it to me. I added the river of stones and some purple magic.

River of Stones (before cutting and enhancing)


free as a dark wind
floating mermaid
with a silvery past
copper emblazoned body
catching rainbow light--
a jeweled pallet
in shades of purple magic

lured by musical waters
perfumed by leaf
before the storm intruder
became a wild-west beast
raging through the night

This was no ordinary wolf morbidly masquerading as aqua vitae

nor a chronically serious underground clockwork angel

hiding inky treasure

facing into the  abyss now filled with melancholic memory

this madly swimming oceanic mother of our town's river twins

takes shelter beneath the poison tree