Saturday, October 19, 2019

Art-4-Art, Lyons Community Library, ATC: "True Wisdom"

The Front
Art-4-Art: Artist Trading Card: October 19, 2019
Title: "True Wisdom"
Series: 10 originals
Artist: Damaris O'Trand
Media: Daniel Smith Gold Gesso, Liquitex Soft Body: black acrylic paint; Kraft wrapping paper and Kraft-tex paper fabric sheet, gray

Process: Painted 10 cards, blue on one side; gold on the other onto Kraft-tex paper fabric; Copied quote onto background of gold gesso; cut out quote strips; wrapped quote around front and back of card; inserted title card; hand painted words, "true" and "wisdom" on front and back of each card; glued scrap kraft paper from previous art project torn into strips to make it look like the earth seen from outer space.

The Quote

The Back
Sources of Inspiration:
Movie: "Paterson," directed by Jim Jarmusch, staring Adam Driver
Netflix Series: "Dead Like Me," 2 seasons from Showtime
Stillness is the Key, by Ryan Holiday
How to Draw and Write in Fountain Pen: A Modern Guide, by Ayano Usamura


"The New Yorker," John Seabrook's article, "The Next Word: Where will predictive text take us?", p. 56, October 14, 2019

"Uppercase Magazine: for the Creative and Curious," #43, October, November, December, 2019

Front with insert
Seeking Solace: Resilience in the midst of adversity

Dealing with the latest kerfuffles; the art of silence; taking responsibility; tempest in a teapot; much ado about nothing; misunderstandings; wanting to be right; reeling from an unexpected hit; caught unawares; a surprise attack; blind-sided; sucker-punched; bush whacked; waylayed; accosted; ambuscaded; with all due respect, agreeing to disagree; no need to make it worse; no need to seek agreement; no need to gossip; ignore; confront; speak up when so called; channel the energy; do more art; consider the source; avoid escalation; deal with it in person

Back with Insert
Underlying Issue: Fallout from the Great Front Range Flood of 2013


Title Card