Friday, April 15, 2016

Art-4-Art, Lyons Regional Library, Lyons Memorial Labyrinth, April 16, 2016


Art-4-Art Trading Cards for April 16, 2016
Title: "Timelessness"
Artist: Damaris

Medium: Guache on card stock, Pentel sign pen, glitter, Mod Podge glitter glue, Razzle Dazzle thread, Duck Prism tape, metal eyelets, black heart-shaped paper clips, artificial sinew, variegated rainbow thread, and nickle, light bulb 28312 safety pins 50/pk (made by the American Tag Company).

Series Edition: A set of 30 cards was divided into two categories so that 4 sides were available for decoration, making a total of 60 faces. Each double ATC set was designed to hang from sinew and string using various kinds of anchors, and fasteners. On 1/4 of the faces, words (quotes) were written in black, then decorated with a pattern using a string dipped in silver FS acrylic Artists Ink. The artist's chop, date, and stamp were printed on 1/4 of the faces. Half of the faces were decorated with gouache, string, glitter, glue, and tape. The entire edition of 15 double sets of cards were individually created, decorated, and signed by the Artist.

Conception: The cards were conceived during daily visits to the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth to augment the spinning art hanging on the trees. Then the artist set out to understand quantum mechanics and quantum gravity, the mathematical equations behind each theory, and then to develop an understanding of quantum cosmology in order to establish quantum philosophy by playing with gravity and strings and paint.

Inspiration: Books, blogs, and websites viewed during the past month on the subject of Quantum Cosmology, Relativity, The Big Bang, String Theory, and Quantum Theories of Gravity.

Dedication: To the "impenitent and pertinacious heretic," Giordano Bruno (b. 1548; d. Feb. 17, 1600), who was burned alive with tongue gagged, and whose ashes were dumped in the Tiber River, under orders from Pope Clement VIII.

According to Wikipedia, Bruno "is said to have made a threatening gesture towards his judges and to have replied: Maiori forsan cum timore sententiam in me fertis quam ego accipaiam ("Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it").

Front and Back Covers

Visit the link on Quantum Cosmology (T. Thiemann's artist's conception of the cosmos is spectacular).
Taken at the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Visit the art installation at the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth, located at the corner of Meily Street and 5th Avenue (by the river next to the old South St. Vrain Trail Head).

Sample Card:

Card #1: Side One before Decoration
Card #1: Side Two Decorated

Card #2: Side One

Card #1: Decorated Side One

Card #2: Side Two

Half-Way Point