Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Gutter Artist, Lyons Regional Library, Art-4-Art

Facing Down Dragons of the Deep
Title: "What Kind of Day Is This?"
Artist: Damaris O'Trand
a.k.a., The Gutter Artist
Medium: Finetec Water Colors, Germany

What's Done
Is Done
First Day
Last Day
Only Day
Every Day's
A Good Day

Are the wounds too deep?

How many sleepless nights must be embraced before the truth is told?

How to move forward?

Something bad happened, cruel, beyond measure.

Secrets only whispered, but never shared aloud.

Must this be faced alone?

How many silver tears must fall in silence before a frozen heart can be healed or mended?

What must I let go of?

How many deadly dragons remain to be slain before enough blood's shed to satisfy the Gods?

For what am I responsible?

For what must I atone?

Am I at fault?

Can I be blamed for having been taken hostage by circumstances not of my own making?

What am I holding onto?

There's only one sure way to be free of dragons: Accept the gift of being loved and know what's done can't be undone, but a secret once told no longer is one.