Saturday, December 16, 2017

Art-4-Art, Lyons Regional Library, December 16, 2017

Title: "Carmel Cannery Grove"
Artist: Damaris
Medium: Pull Quote on card stock with photo of watercolor of 2017 Partial Eclipse (9/20/17) at the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth over enhanced watercolor of same date.
Series: 12 Originals, each with Pull Quote ribbon attached using a brass brad.



Two-sided Pull Quote Ribbon:

Artist Information

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Art-4-Art, Lyons Regional Library, November 18, 2017

Artist: Damaris
Series: 11 cards, each of which is an original
Media: Watercolors on Canson 140 lb., black card stock, Glue Dots, Uni-ball Signa, broad, white ink, Avery ID labels, 2" by 2 5/8".

Process: I used some old experimental water colors (using red and blue and the white of the water color paper, outlined in black). The originals were the wrong size for ATC’s and I've forgotten which brand of water color I used. 

I glued each watercolor (using glue dots) on black card stock cut to the correct size.

Then I wrote a Pull Quote on a thin strip of black card stock, using a Uni-ball Signa broad white pen and wrapped the quote under the space left by the raised glue dots around each watercolor:

The Pull Quote is from Ryan Holiday’s interview with Mike Duncan, author of “The Storm before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic.”

I put the trading information on the back of each card using Avery ID Labels printed out using Publisher [typeface Chiller].

Here are the cards without the Pull Quotes:

The complete interview with Mike Duncan can be found at:

Mike Duncan’s  history of Rome can be listened to on The archives of the series can be found at:

Mr. Duncan’s next project is his podcast on “Revolutions” which can be found at: 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Art-4-Art, Lyons Regional Library, October 21, 2017

Artist: Damaris, Artiste de la Goutierre
Medium: Watercolor, variegated pencil, sharpie
Series of 19 Cards  (plus #20 which went missing for a day), each titled individually.