Friday, March 20, 2020

Resilience in the Midst of Adversity; Lyons Memorial Labyrinth

The inspiration for this month's ATC's started with finding an instruction manual with a simple paper wrap that held the pages together without glue or staples using a paper latch. I used this design to make a cover using a heart punch to mark the middle and then using an exact-o knife to cut the slits up and down so the latch works to secure the booklet. I reviewed my favorite word bag and drew out the phrase, "Resilience in the Midst of Adversity." I used the design of a post card of the Colorado Flag and learned how to use the program Paint to modify the art. I looked at my list of unfinished Art Projects and noticed I had not uploaded my most recent pictures from the Lyons Memorial Labyrinth. Once I finished uploading them, I decided to make an ATC-sized booklet using the images. Each booklet has four double sided pages with 8 images each.

Here are the images I used to assemble the booklet with the flag cover for my ATC for March 21, 2020. Not all of these images were actually used in the booklet. I made a total of 15 covers and booklets. The booklets fit inside the covers that have the paper latch.