Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Gutter Artist Gives Up

The Gutter Artist Lets Go

The Gutter Artist Observes and Reports

The Gutter Artist Ponders and Wonders about the Beginning, Middle, and End

The Gutter Artist Begins in the Now

The Gutter Artist Spreads Her Wings


What I have learned since the Great Front Range Flood of September 2013. No gift is too small.

Who is Damaris O'Doodle? The Gutter Artist. She can be anyone I choose.

Persona non grata, Incognito. Nameless. Anonymous. Surrender. Humble. Free. Unsourced. Uncertain. Faceless. Veiled. Secret. Hidden. Concealed. Arcane. Esoteric. Occult. Invisible. Dark. Unseen. Mysterious. Obscure. Unrecognized. Unsung. Overlooked. Unheralded. Minor. Insignificant. Unnoticed. Undistinguised. Unimportant. Unheard of. Unexposed. Camouflaged. Undercover. Alias Assumed name; False Name; Pseudonym. Nom de plume. Nom de guerre.