Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Painting Rejected: "Naked in Lyons II"

Feedback: no nudity, too abstract, title too dark or negative: "Ode to Persephone: Her psyche was undergoing a bit of a rough patch during its transformation after  ___________________."

"Gutter Artists Go Naked and Dance in the Rain"

This week, I completed the first printed version of "The Gutter Aritsts Oath and Manifesto." The theme for this year is "Releasing all that no longer serves."

I am also making cards using an image of the piece I did for "Naked in Lyons 2."

Here is the image: 'Study: Homage to Matisse" (After "Blue Nude [Souvenir de Biskra]" by Henri Matisse, 1907. The original painting by Matisse was considered so controversial in 1913 when it was shown at the Armory Show in Chicago that it was burned in effigy. What is it about burning things? What is the symbolic meaning?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fourmile Canyon Friends and Neighbors

A Tribute from Lyons Artists Salon:

Living now in the shadow of the Fourmile Canyon Fire near Boulder, Colorado, we look at the work we produced at our first Lyons Artists Salon Artist Trading Card Session three days before the fire began, and now are amazed by the imagery we see--on the news, on the web, on blogs, on YouTube--of blazing infernos, aerial drops of fire retardant, displaced persons and animals. Our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors who know they have lost their homes and to those who, living in dread, still do not yet know the fate of their homes.